What Is the Emotional Clock®?

We created the Emotional Clock® to address the range of human emotions.

There are 12 emotions on the Emotional Clock®: the right side is the disempowerment side; the left is the empowered side. We often see people “stuck” at 6 o’clock—the fight/flight point where he/she must make a decision to move forward or remain stuck. Surprisingly, many choose to remain stuck, because it’s familiar.

The Emotional Clock® is a tool we use as Relational Coaches to help people assess their emotions on a tactile device. Through research (psychology and art therapy application), we’ve learned that when human emotions are muddled and one feels overwhelmed, it’s difficult to harness clear thinking.

The Emotional Clock® eases the physiological buildup of overwhelming feelings, and provides a platform—outside of the body—to sort and make sense of thoughts and emotions.


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