A powerful tale of how true love transcends time, tragedy, and a broken heart

1 Billion Seconds—or 32 years—is the inspirational story of lost and found love. A coming of age journey of Poppy and Geoff, college sweethearts, separated by timing and naiveté. Jesse, a fictional entity and relational choreographer, chronicles their true life experiences.

It’s more than a novel and not exactly a memoir; instead, 1 Billion Seconds is an inspirational tale that weaves the Spencers’ real-life professional experiences as relational coaches with their own love story.

1 Billion Seconds is your roadmap


The value of speaking the honest truth and proper communication skill


Hope and courage allow you to take risks to honor the core of who you are


Challenge fear and social bias, and inspire your journey to find love


Get rid of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors preventing you from finding love


Meet Poppy & Geoff

Real-life couple Poppy and Geoff Spencer are the authors of 1 Billion Seconds: A Fictional Memoir, a voyeuristic look into many true events in the couple’s lives.

“We were 21-years-old and stupid,” Poppy and Geoff quip of their real-life break-up more than thirty years ago. “Through the writing of 1 Billion Seconds, we uncovered the implicit understanding of what makes relationships work and what can lead to their downfall.”

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